Prophet 5
Statistical and Sequence Analysis Software

BBN Systems and Technologies

The Northwestern University Medical School has purchased an unlimited license for the use and distribution of Prophet 5 for Windows 95 and NT platforms to faculty, students, and staff of Northwestern University. Licenses for UNIX systems are also available from BBN but were not purchased. Prophet contains a sophisticated statistical analysis package designed for research and clinical scientists, and a sequence analysis package for DNA and RNA genetic data, with plasmid and sequence mapping, sequence alignment, and DNA to protein translation capabilities.

Installing Prophet

There are two ways to install Prophet. You can either: 1. Map a drive on your Windows 95 or NT computer to (ip number drive 'ftp' or 2. FTP to For instructions on how to set up drive mapping, see crossplatform.html.

Registering Prophet

When you run Prophet, you will have the option of registering or using a 60 day demo. To register, please send me an e-mail with your name and phone. I will call you with the registration keys.


PROPHET Statistical functions web documentation (StatGuide)

PROPHET StatGuide: List of Topics

Documentation is available through extensive on-line help (automatically installed), Word files (see Installation for how to get the files) or from the BBN website. Manuals are also available for $15.00 from BBN. Alternatively, I have one copy of the manual that you can borrow temporarily.

This software has been made available to the NU community by the Office of the Dean of Research for the Northwestern University Medical School and the Office of Basic Science Research Computing.

For further information, please contact Warren Kibbe, x3-3229.